Welcome to The Way Back. Tasha and I (Matt) started this blog in 2013 back when we both lived in the suburbs and moving to the country to start our own adventure was still just a dream.

A lot has happened since then, and much of that is documented here. We’ve tried our best to keep the blog updated, but sometimes things just got away from us. Since moving to rural northwest North Carolina in spring of 2014, we’ve done and learned all kinds of new things, met a lot of new people, and made some great friends here. While we’ve come a long way toward realizing our goal of living a self-sufficient life, we’ve still got a lot to learn.

When we first started blogging, I wanted this site to be a platform for us to share our thoughts on things with whoever. When we made the move here to the reLuxe Ranch, as we like to call our place, the blog became a convenient way to share our adventures with family and friends. Now, as Tasha and I both have been fortunate enough to see some of our writings appear in outside publications, this blog also represents an online presence for us to connect with interested readers.

Finally, we both have learned a lot–especially about gardening, agriculture, raising animals, homesteading, and many other topics with which we’ve only recently become familiar–through the many blogs and online postings of others. We hope to give back in whatever way we can by sharing our own experiences here in the hope that someone out there can benefit from our experiences as we certainly have from those of others.

So whatever brings you here, we hope you enjoy our blog. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email if you have questions, comments, thoughts, or whatever. We’d love to hear from you!