So far this week I’ve been spending my workdays in the company of 14(!) hot chicks and 5 gallons of my favorite IPA. Did I land that dream job of photographer/beverage critic at Maxim or Playboy, you ask? Well, it’s kinda a long story…

Full disclosure: the chicks are really…chicks. Four Buff Orpingtons (yellow), five Barr-Rocks(black), and five Rhode Island Reds (I’m sure you can figure this one out).

Chicks 1

Chicks 2

They (and I) are hot because there’s a heat lamp which is keeping my office at a balmy 90 degrees. Which has actually been a good thing, since it’s been rainy and cold for the past couple of days. Sitting for hours on end working on a computer, my metabolism slows down and sometimes I get really cold. Not so with a heat lamp.

The beer won’t be drinkable for another two weeks. Sigh.

Why are we all in my office together? Well, the ducks (we have four, now two weeks old) have grown to the size of cats and were panting being in the same room as the chicks and the heat lamp, so the only other place we could put them was in my office. The beer is here because I cooked up a batch of homebrew the other night, and since this is the warmest room in the house by far, I thought it would ferment well. It seems to be off to a great start. So for the past couple days I’ve been working to the periodic gurgle of fermenting beer and the peeping of baby chickens.

I’ve come to realize that so far I like chickens better than ducks. Ducks are dirty, stinky, and terribly timid. They freak out any time you come in the room. Chicks, on the other hand, aren’t so messy, and they’ll actually let you pick them up, as they all huddle together to sleep or industriously peck for food at the bottom of the plastic bin they’re living in until we can put them in their coop.

To be fair, though, the ducks have some endearing characteristics. They love water. When we first got them, we put a plastic water dish in their cage. They all got in it and started swimming. Tasha has been giving them baths every morning. This morning they started clamoring for their bath around the time we got up.

Ducklings 1

Ducklings 2

Well, as soon as the torrential rains stop and the ground dries out, we’re going to move forward with our greenhouse. I dug footings and laid out a foundation last weekend; this weekend, I’m going to install the sill plates and put together the greenhouse, but I’ll save all that for another post..