Here’s a picture from the top of our driveway. In the background you can see our shipping container, now with solar panels affixed. Behind that on the hill above is our greenhouse. Between the greenhouse and shipping container (you can’t see this), we have excavated a small pond, which we have found we’ll need a liner for, if we want it to hold water.


You can’t really see it, either, but on the left above the pond is the duck house Tasha built last week. Our almost-full-sized ducks have been enjoying foraging outside during the day. They quack a lot and are becoming increasingly confident around people and our other animals.


Tasha also built a new chicken tractor for our chicks. She’s been letting them out during the day on the front lawn.

Chicken Tracktor

We got a lot of rain towards the middle of last week, so our garden has really taken off. Also, we’ve been on the lookout for mushrooms on and around our property, if for no other reason than as an indicator of where we should store our inoculated logs. Yesterday Tasha found these, which we’ve been unable to 100% positively identify, but I think it’s a Fawn mushroom.


It was growing at the foot of our lawn, on a decomposing tree stump near the pond/stream. In other news, a neighbor who lives just up the hill dropped by last week to tell us that he had fired shots to try and scare off a bear that had a rooster cornered on top of his hen house. Apparently the bear also uprooted his plum tree. While this is black bear territory, they tend to be very shy and stay away from people. Apparently this one was an exception. Hopefully he’ll take no interest in our chickens, ducks and plum trees.


And of course we have Honey and Marmot to keep us safe. They stay in at night, but Honey barks at anything that comes onto the property.


Marmot doesn’t have to bark. If Chuck Norris were a cat…