We’ve been so busy here, as usual, with me traveling and Tasha’s family coming to visit over Fourth of July weekend, I hadn’t been able to get off a post about our new goats.

Phoebe and Fancy

We got two Nigerian Dwarf does–Phoebe and Fancy–a couple weeks ago. We bought them from a woman in the neighborhood who raises them. Fancy is three, and Phoebe is six and producing wonderful high-cream milk. Phoebe is the larger tan-and-white goat.

Phoebe and Fancy 2

Tasha has already made some nice goat cheese and is getting the hang of milking Phoebe. Today was the first day she was able to milk without having me hold Phoebe’s rear legs to keep her from kicking. Though she’s had a few litters, this is the first time Phoebe has been milked. Aside from one trip where the goats ended up on a neighbor’s porch, they don’t seem interested in traveling and spend a lot of time sitting on our porch and following us around. They do like to go on walks up into the woods.

Tasha and Goats

Because we’ve recently had a lot of rain, we’ve been literally stumbling on choice edible mushrooms over the past couple weeks. One variety that we continually find is Porcini, otherwise known as King Bolete, or Cepe. We’ve also found some tasty two-color Boletes that proliferate in the woods this time of year. This bodes well for the logs we’ll be inoculating with Shiitake, Oyster, Reishi and Chicken-of-the-woods in the next couple weeks.


Wild blueberries and blackberries are also producing in abundance here right now. We’re gathering whole bowl fulls of ripe blackberries, but they’re a little hard to get at because of their thorns and some of the surrounding shrubbery. The wild blueberries are everywhere in the forest, but only produce small clusters of berries in open areas with sufficient sun.


So, now that I’m paying for hosting, I’m really going to try to update it more and add some longer writings, book and music reviews, maybe.