As September winds down and we head into the six-month mark of our time here at the ReLuxe Ranch, I’m feeling grateful for all the friends we’ve made and our good fortune in finding this place. Tasha and I took a stay-cation last week, hiking in Doughton Park and Virginia’s Grayson Highlands, below,

Grayson Highlands

and climbing at Pilot Mountain and Stone Mountain. We spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up around the property in preparation for having some friends over for dinner. Today I took some pictures and paused to reflect on all we–though mostly Tasha, lately–have accomplished here since moving in at the end of March. Here’s some of the terraced beds Tasha’s been working on, with our solar electric system and greenhouse in the background.


And here’s a view of the greenhouse as we head into fall. Tasha added beds made with reclaimed lumber from around the property. At the back-left is the pad for our wood-fired hot tub, which will be going in this week and helping keep us and the plants warm through the winter.


Our pond is filling up rapidly and Tasha has planted floating acquatic plants. We have three small (and harmless) water snakes and a frog or two which have already taken up residence. We still have to put in the the drain and design an irrigation system for our vegetable gardens down the hill, but that’s a project for later on.

Snakes in Pond

Here’s the water feature Tasha built last month, to delineate our terrace area:

Water Feature

This is a picture I took last month on my morning run, just 10 minutes from here:

Sunrise at High Piney Spur

And here’s what’s happening outside as I write this:


It hasn’t even rained here.