Hey y’all! Today is Matt’s birthday. So, I thought I should put up an embarrassing gushing blog post about how wonderful he is. Then I thought…probably nobody but me would want to read that. So instead, I thought I’d put up an inventory of all the cool projects Matt has done here on the reLuxe Ranch. In no specific order, here are just SOME of the amazing things Matt has contributed to us living the dream here on the reLuxe Ranch!

Matt is the maker, maintainer, and harvester of the Asparagus patch (which is in fern state right now, storing energy in the roots for next year).

Matt made our cats their own sandbox, which they failed to appreciate. So he turned it into a turkey roost, which so far, only one of our turkeys has learned to use (through no fault of Matt’s perfect design). See how thoughtful he is?

Matt installed our irrigation/aquaculture pond liner. And he built these perfect chairs which we use for star gazing and cooling off after hot-tubbing.

Matt built a platform for our hot tub, assembled the tub, and installed a chimney in the green house. He also heats it for us almost nightly in fall, winter, and early spring. This keeps our greenhouse plants happy and me too!

Oh yes, and Matt built the greenhouse that holds the hot tub.

Matt made our pig shelter with rain barrel for water collection.

Matt put up our slaughter stand for scalding pigs. The area also now doubles as my duck slaughter station.

Matt, with a little help from his brother and our friends, made us this awesome smoker which we use for our hams.

We’ve had a few challenges keeping bees and hope to get back to it next year. But Matt made us awesome top bar bee hives designed to support bees natural hive tendencies.

Matt did most of the heavy hauling for our hyper productive hugelcultures.

Matt spruced up my terracing and erosion prevention systems with decorative rail ties and built steps into our paths.

He also gave us a nice shortcut from our back door to the solar container and work areas using rail ties.

He made me a nice laundry line just out the door from the washer.

He trellised our backyard vineyard so that we can eventually make our own yummy wines.

With the help of Ted (chainsaw master) and our neighbors Donnie and Anita, Matt maintains 200+ shiitake logs in our mushroom grotto. His mushrooms have been a staple food for us this year.

He made us this gorgeous Mount Airy granite herb spiral that is so productive I have to mutilate the plants multiple times a year to keep the growth in check.

He made us this outdoor living room area and routinely makes me amazing cocktails to enjoy while relaxing in it.

He made me my dream farm table that seats 14 comfortably so we can host our friends and family often.

Matt created this incredible wood-fired pizza oven and makes the best sourdough pizza crust to cook in it.

And his most recent project, is a climbing wall to keep us both in good shape for climbing and other activities and to share even more good times with friends and family.

Now you can see for yourselves why Matt deserves an ode on his birthday. But, as amazing as all this stuff is, the real reason he gets an ode is for all the stuff that’s not stuff. The way he cares for me, his constant support, being my rock when my dad had a stroke, letting me unload on him when the world is too much, and a million other kindness. Thank you Matt for everything! I love you. Happy birthday.